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Introduction to the Utah Chain platform

The Utah Chain is, by extending the current social advantage in industry, and based on block Chain technology, integration of the global social industry resources, the western world social industry Chain, focusing on solving the present social industry facing the pain points, to help people build more rich content, safe and healthy social environment, make the Utah Chain to become the next tuyere, thereby promoting the development of social industry toward a healthier future. Learn more

UTC solves pain points

The problems of centralized

Facebook, a centralised platform like facebook, is most likely to go down when its servers are overwhelmed with traffic.

Restricted freedom of speech

Users' opinions expressed on social platforms may be deleted because of religion and politics. Social platforms have the right to delete contents and close accounts, so users cannot truly obtain freedom of speech.

Unevenly distributed

The platform makes profits by analyzing the data of users' behaviors on the social platform, but the users do not get the return of benefits, and there is a problem of uneven distribution.

Poor network content

Some users take the social platform as an outlet for their emotions, maliciously commenting on others and spreading negative opinions. The reality and social life of those who are commented on are seriously disturbed, while those who commit online violence are not punished.

User information disclosure

The personal information posted by users on social platforms is excessively commercialized, and the intellectual property rights of published articles are not protected. Users' personal information is often trafficked many times, disturbing users' daily life.

Technical framework

Social ecosphere

The birth of Utah Chain solves various difficulties and problems of the e-commerce platform, and also conforms to the development trend and trend of the block Chain era. Its emergence will also become the benchmark of the application era of blockchain 4.0 social e-commerce ecosystem!
In cooperation with developers, Utah Chain will launch a new global retail e-commerce application based on the structure of Utah Chain, realize the first nationwide consumption contribution pass application of Utah Chain, and establish a new retail e-commerce ecological mall.
For financial institutions, data is the core asset, playing an important role in risk control and credit. The advantages of blockchain technology in solving information make it widely used in the financial industry.
We will introduce a new blockchain game, which has many features: virtual assets on the chain; Community motivation; Block chain with its own users and traffic; Virtual assets across game applications; Reshaping the in-game economy;
As a new way of social media, the Utah Chain is based on the block Chain, which makes it possible to use the control and profit right, to understand the platform more users, and to form a whole new media with the platform.

Utah chain value

Proof of circulation

UTC is the circulation certificate of the common Chain value of Utah Chain, and users can exchange the value through UTC.

Incentive mechanism

Incentives for user activity on the Utah Chain social platform.

Base unit

UTC is required for users to initiate and accept offline social invitations on the Utah Chain, as well as the achievement reward of invitations.

Proof of stake

The UTC is the equity certificate of the ecological participant and the only value transfer unit in the network.

Token allocation

The global issuance volume of Utah Chain is 15 million pieces

Our Roadmap ROADMAP


Start up team building


Online exchange


Explore social blockchain solutions


Launch the first version of public chain prototype


Formal public chain development


Formal public chain development


Public chain private beta version is available


Chain international version online

Utah Chain ecology


Utah Chain promises to open source authentication, privacy encryption, Utah Chain wallet and other low-level protocols, codes and modules at the appropriate time. As long as the third-party application and system developers meet the relevant protocols, as long as the App developers have embedded Utah Chain modules, they can be connected to the Utah Chain block Chain network.


Utah Chain will open the whole network analysis platform, and third party organizations (such as advertisements) are welcome to directly use the data and valuable analysis results of Utah Chain to directly target the most valuable users. At the same time, third party organizations are also welcome to provide services (live broadcast, games, e-commerce, etc.) to create value.

News trends


Notice on launching the UTC buy back destruction plan

  • 1.In order to promote the ecological construction of Utah chain community and realize the long-term growth of UTC value, the UTC team decided to launch the buyback destruction plan in advance, which would buy back UTC from the market from time to time, and permanently put all the purchased UTC into the black hole address for destruction. Each buyback destruction will be announced in advance。
  • 2.At present, the total circulation of UTC market is 3 million pieces, and the first repurchase will be completed before August 1, 2020. The number of buybacks was 100000. After the repurchases are destroyed, the total market circulation will be 2.9 million. Through the long-term implementation of this plan, all UTC supporters can enjoy the value increase brought by the deflation of UTC total flow flux。

————————Utah Chain Team

July 10, 2020

Utah chain is committed to building a global social industry chain and providing users with an international social ecological platform. The platform application will be open to the market at the latest within the year according to the market situation.

  • 1、Mining mode is set in the application, and all users holding UTC can participate in mining.
  • 2、With the continuous development of Utah chain's membership, the platform will connect various social business resources (including advertising, social platforms, e-commerce, games and other business resources) in succession to create a new fan economy platform.
  • 3、After the application goes online, Utah chain will irregularly give 50% of the total platform revenue to UTC holders in the form of dividends.
  • 4、UTC will launch several exchanges in succession this year according to market conditions.
————————Utah Chain Team

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